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Sometimes it seems that the more productive I am at work, the more I dread my job. And I also think there's an inverse correlation between how much I like my outside life to how much I like my professional life at any given moment. Either way, outside life is fairly good and I'm getting much more done at work. I'm also having trouble rising out of bed in the mornings. And could this day pass anymore slowly?
I planned the Costa Rica trip in detail. There's still some kinks to be worked out: making sure I've chosen reputable tours, found the cheapest service providers, and figured out transporation. But I'm quite proud of myself. I think it's a good mix of activities, while still leaving a significant portion of R&R time. I still haven't figure out how we're going to travel between hotels (we're staying in 3 over the course of 5 days) I'm usually opposed to planning trips in detail. I like to go with the flow. But usually I staying in one city. A city I can navigate. Things become a little more difficult when you're traveling all over a country.

We leave in about three weeks so I started to prepare. Costa Rica is also difficult in the fact that I just don't have the wardrobe to deal with it. I'm a very casual dresser, but I just don't own activewear- things that I can get wet and dirty. So I have to buy some of that on top of unfashionable/functional sneakers and a swimsuit. It kind of sucks.
I owe the government alot of money. I know, I'm stupid. Part of me is fairly responsible with money: my rent comes in on time. I set up automatic payments to make sure every bill gets paid. I overdraft only when I mean to. I contribute to a 401k, for chrissakes. On the other hand I owe the IRS alot of money. I knew I would, and I didn't even prepare for it. So I set up a payment plan with the IRS, thats going to make money tight for the next year or so. But I need to make a lifestyle adjustment to ease the financial burden.

First, I'm considering moving...downstairs. They still haven't evicted the crackhead, but I was thinking that I should move into his place when they do. He lives in a studio, as opposed to a one bedroom, so I'm guessing that the the rent will be at least about $125-150 less than what I pay right now. I'm not dying to move. I was just getting settled. I deverminized. I painted. I waited for the cable guy. I hung things up. I forwarded my mail. I figured out the best times to use the shower. So it's a hassle to go, but its so much cheaper.

And I've considered cancelling internet connection. For the past two weeks I've been stealing neighbor Jane's wireless because my internet went haywire and I just don't feel like taking time off from work to wait for someone to come by to fix it. With the exception of downloading, the speed of browsing the internet is the same. And internet is costing me $50 per month. It makes me nervous to cut it off, just in case Jane's wireless goes out for some reason, but there's really no reason for me to pay for it either.
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