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Sunrish, sunset

I just woke up. And for a second I looked at the time and dreaded going to work. But then i realized that it was Saturday. I would have liked for this to be an empty weekend with no plans, nowhere to go and nothing to do. But I'm not too busy which is good because I'm kind of broke. I just paid down a lot of debt, so I'll be in the hole for the next couple weeks. On top of that, I had to put a lot of money on a credit card to pay for the CO trip (I'll be reimbursed, but I just submitted my expense report, so I don't know how soon). That card is pretty nearly maxed out, so I don't have a lot of back up monetary sources. I should be cool if I'm careful.

Which means that I just can't spend much more than the $40 in my wallet, at least not until this coming Friday, which would be easy enough, but i have to do laundry soon, and I'm meeting up with a couple people today, and then some on Monday, and maybe another later next week. And usually that involves restaurants and bars and tax and tips. So it might go pretty quickly unless I'm careful. Teresa, who I'm seeing this afternoon is particularly hard to not spend money around, cause whenever I say I'm broke she offers to pay. I'm like, no, I'm broke, it's my fault, I'll just consume less, but she's pretty persistent about paying, and then I feel bad and just pay for whatever myself, even if I can't really afford to.
I've been singularly focused on decorating my apartment these days.

My bedroom is kind of sorta of done. I'm happy with it. There are some minor improvements to be made, (more book space, new laundry basket and side table, fix closet door) but nothing pressing. My living room is still problematic. It doesn't feel homey: it's bland, cold, and I don't think it reflects me (although I can't tell you what reflecting me would even look like.). The sofa is a major problem. I bought it in off-white, and ruined the white slipcover. Bought a black slipcover, hated the black. Ordered a printed slipcover. Waited a long time for the slipcover to arrive. It finally did, I decided that the print wasn't what I wanted and am now returning it and going back to the white I began with (I'll just have to be a nazi about what I allow myself and others to do on that sofa). What a waste of money and time, and only to come back to where I started months ago.

The living room seems to need revision after revision. I'm being optimistic, so I'm going to say that things are looking up. I just got a rug (as a gift), which I think is an improvement over the bare hardwood, I reaaranged a couple of things to create a better setup. I got the paint for a new and improved (and hopefully permanent) paint job. I put up a wall shelf and some pictures (although I think I'm replacing the artwork over the table with some of the really pretty gift wrapping papers at Kate's Paperie)

And I've gotten all arts and crafty. All of the sudden, I'm seeing places where I can make improvements or make things myself. I have an apartment to-do list that only seems to grow as the days go by.

I created a flickr account for my apartment (although I'm considering moving all my pics over to flickr entirely). It's mainly because I like talking about this type of thing, yet no one else I know is interested. I can discuss photos to my hearts content to no one in particular. And can document my changes. I'll try to do most of the painting this weekend, and I also have some light furniture staining to do, which I've been putting off. But all that should keep me busy enough without making me spend extra dollars.
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