As good as It gets (crazyhecallsme) wrote,
As good as It gets


And while I'm complaining, something else pissed me off yesterday. I commandeered this book cart and started putting books on it with records that I needed to modify. I'd been putting stuff on this cart for months and was slowly emptying it off. Anyway, yesterday I went downstairs to look for the cart and it had disappeared. So I look all through the sub-basement and the upstairs library, not only for the cart, but most importantly, the books that were on it. I had no idea where the stuff had been placed, (but a good idea of who would have moved it). And I was pissed, because I remembered putting a sign on the cart saying that I was working with the cart and that neither the cart, nor its contents should be moved.

Anyway, I finally found the books. They'd be carelessly placed on the wall shelf behind where the cart used to be, in the middle of, other, unrelated books, ensuring that no one would ever find them again. Someone had clearly placed the books onto the closest available surface, so that they could put the cart to some other use. Having found the books, I calmed down, but then this afternoon I found the cart, empty, at the back of the workroom. The sign I remembered putting on the cart informing whoever not to mess with it, was still attached to the side, only, someone had written over the words I'd written with the word "FREE". And then I got all pissed off again.
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