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I'm not receiving much mail at the new apartment. Not even forwarded stuff. So far, I've noticed that 1 paystub, 4 Netflix movies, and 1 metrocard have not arrived. I've changed my mailing address a month ago and had these changes confirmed. Furthermore, I also should be having mail forwarded from the old address, so even if stuff was sent to the wrong place, surely it should have found me by now? It's just an alarming amount of stuff to go missing in less than a month that I've been living here. Pretty much every piece of mail that I expect to find in the mailbox on a regular basis hasn't been finding me. Since living here I've received 5 pieces of mail: a bill from Con Ed, 2 letters from Chase forwarded to me from the old apartment notifying me that I changed my address (well, duh), and 2 statements from HSBC.

I don't expect a lot of mail, but the little I do get I consider extremely important. I've had some Netflix films not find me before, but not with such frequency, and almost everything else I mentioned arrives promptly and without fail. I had to purchase another almost $80 Metrocard to replace the lost one, and will have have to wait months before they'll reimburse the cost for the lost card, I prefer not to have my pay stubs roaming around the universe (thank god a check wasn't attached), and what's the point in paying for Netflix if you only receive half the movies you request per month? Anyway, the paranoid side of me suspects foul play and is extremely pissed. I'm expecting more mail to come today. If I'm still missing important pieces of mail by the end of next week, then I guess I'll have to alert the post office.

Funny, when you google "Missing mail postal service". There's very little of relevance. And then you add the word "bed stuy" and the first results have to do with Brooklyn postal service sucking.

Also, missing: My pay from the freelance work. I submitted a time sheet for a little less than two weeks work about a month ago according to my records. I was sure that it would be in this pay cycle, but my bank doesn't seem to have gotten the deposit. How annoying, the extra money couldn't have hurt this week considering this latest paycheck will go almost entirely to rent.

Yesterday, I interviewed for a job in another department. I think the interview went well, although the person who interviewed me didn't ask me many questions about myself. She spent more time explaining the job and answering my questions. I'm not sure what the next step is, but I'll probably find whether or not I got the position in a couple weeks. I think the HR recruiter is usually supposed to interview me next. But since I interviewed with her a couple months ago, and she is the one that recommended me for the position, it seems unnecessary.

I do feel bad for my boss. I know she wasn't happy when I told her that I'd had an interview, just because if I get this job, she won't have any catalogers left. She probably was hoping that I'd be around for a little while longer to help train whoever is hired to replace Julie. And, who knows?, I might be. I don't want to get my hopes up about actually leaving, but...wish me luck.
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