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I'm not kidding myself with resolutions this year. Whether I make them or not, doesn't mean any action will happen.

Moving was painful but is now over. I'm more or less unpacked. The new apartment is smaller and has less storage space so I'm still trying to figure out where to put things, although I should also be figuring what needs to be thrown out. During moving, I came to the conclusion that I own way too much stuff. I'm just one person, how is this possible? Exactly where all the excess lies, I don't know, but I'd rather not have to deal with buying more shelves.

My visit home was blessedly short. I can't stand being around my folks. Or my dad rather, who also had the week off. So two things really pissed me off. First, I just tended to throw my clothes around my room (or my old room), cause, honestly, who cares? Its not in anyone's way, and I was only there for four days. Anyway, that didn't stop my parents from complaining about my messiness multiple times. What was really weird is that my brother, who just moved to Connecticut after being home for 5 months, left the day after Christmas, and just an hour after coming back from the airport my dad immediately started to deep clean his bedroom, like he couldn't wait to get all the Michael cooties out.

Anyway, the second thing that pissed me off, (and I'm showing restraint stopping at 2), is that Dad got me little for Christmas. And I'm not that materialistic, I have everything I need. It's just the way he did it. For one, I'm not sure how Mom and Dad do gifts. It's very clear that almost every gift under the tree was chosen by Mom, if not entirely paid for by her, because even though the tags say "From: Mom and Dad" they are written in Mom's handwriting. And while opening gifts Dad had no clue what was in my boxes. My assumption is that every gift "from Mom and Dad" was chosen and paid for by only Mom. I even got a decent amount of money from Mom. Then I get a card from Dad with $25 dollars in it, and a note saying that he was getting me a gift card from a store I like, but hadn't yet because he didn't know my new address to have it sent to me. And that's fine. I know that my parents keep their finances pretty separate, and that Dad has a lot of medical bills to pay off so his finances are much tighter.

Anyway, I didn't care for a purse Mom got me so she kept it for herself and took me shopping for a new one. The bag I picked was fairly pricey, but the sign next to it said 50% off plus a coupon Mom had which gave her an 25% off. But when we go to the register the bag was really only 25% off and Mom's coupon was expired so it was a lot more than either or us expected. Mom still got the bag for me ( to which I was grateful, 'cause I love it), but I did feel a little bad 'cause I know Mom wouldn't usually spend that much on a bag (although her home is a different story). Anyhoo, when Dad found out how much the bag cost he later informed me that I wouldn't be getting a gift card because "we" had spent to much on me already.

And I was like "what the fuck?" cause I'm pretty sure Mom did all the shopping and spending, and Dad just gave me a card, a couple bucks, and an unfulfilled promise at the last minute. Just a note: Dad told me later that the ties he bought Michael were "really expensive" (although from the glance I got of those ties they looked pretty tacky, so perhaps he paid too much?). And really, its not about the amount of stuff I get, (although, the more the merrier!) because Mom did more than enough. And if money was a factor, then by all means he shouldn't feel obligated to spend a lot. I just thought it was pretty messed up to re-neg on a gift, take credit for gifts you didn't even buy, and then brag about how expensive your other child's gifts were. Classy.

Anyway, I'm over it. On another note on why Mom was particularly generous this year: I received a Christmas card from Mom and Dad (in Mom's handwriting, of course) and it was addressed to "Alicia". My social security card, birth certificate, passport, license, degrees and every document that matters, all say I'm "Alisha". Unless, we're all just confused. I mean, the woman did name me...

I didn't do anything on New Years Eve . I'm over New Year's Eve. Most New Year's were spent in MS, but they few that weren't were overwhelmingly disappointing experiences and that made me realize that I would have had more fun in bed, and if you don't have a house party to go to, then they become insanely expensive affairs.

On a work related front, I've been offered a promotion. My coworker is leaving for another position in the company, so I can have her position if I want it. My boss told me to think about it. There's no benefit to taking this job, save for the pay raise and the ability to twiddle my thumbs for another year or so on this whole career front. I don't want to discount the sway of extra cash, which is alluring, but the idea of staying here any longer than necessary or learning anything new about this library, is absolutely dreadful.

The problem is that I've reached a new level of boredom. For awhile the job was boring but I found ways to keep myself from being bored. Then I started to get bored, but would still manage to be fairly productive and find bursts of enthusiasm. Now I'm still bored and can't will myself to be productive. I feel bad, but everytime i pick up a book my mind starts to wander. Most people advise me to take the new position and jump ship when I find something else, but my boss made it clear that upon accepting this job I'd couldn't just up and leave in a month, I'd have to stay for a little while more (I think a year is acceptable). And while I realize that there would be no contract keeping me here, I don't think it's right to do that to a boss that has been really flexible and supportive.

So, I was inquiring about another available position in the company that two separate people in the company said I should look into. At first I looked at the description and thought it looked about as boring as my job does now, but faced with the prospect of staying the library another year, It's not looking so bad. At least it involves travel.

I read the "His Dark Materials" trilogy which kept my occupied for a few days. It's quite good, although much more complex than I expected. And two of my favorite shows are returning this month, The Wire and Lost.

And I reckon its that time of year where I try to see potential Oscar nominees. I haven't seen many movies this year, so I'm relatively behind. I've got to admit that the Golden Globes list isn't appealing to me, maybe I'll just see the 4 or 5 movies that interest me and not even bother with the rest.

Not like these movies look bad. It's just alot of movies are starting to seem familiar to me. Great Debaters seems like the most recent in a long list of inspirational movies about and unlikely group of African Americans excelling in a field previously dominated by white people. Kind of like Pride...or that other Denzel movie, Glory. And then there's Men of Honor. And who could forget that one about the Jamaican Bob Sled team? Even American Gangster, though less family friendly, has a current of that can-do spirit. And then there's Juno, which I'm sure is perfectly affable, but all that witty banter kind of reminds me of an episode of Gilmore Girls, which is kind of amusing in small doses, but after awhile the improbably witty dialog, dry humor, and quirky characters can really start to work the nerve that craves a little reality in my entertainment. Why is Ellen Page getting nominations for awards? According to the trailers for the movies she doesn't see like she's really pushing herself artistically. Since when is acting sarcastic Golden Globe worthy? Even Charlie Wilson's War is seeming familiar, perhaps because Julia Roberts always plays the same type of character. And the movie, despite it's factual basis, seems very fluffy to me.

So I'm judging these on what I've seen in the trailer, and not on actually sitting through any of these films. All three movies look perfectly entertaining, but also run of the mill and light weight. I don't think anyone is going to be talking about them in 10 years. Anyway, the whole idea of paying money to see this type of stuff just isn't going to happen. Maybe next year will be better.
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