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Oh! I had this super long LJ Post that I was sure no one would read, and then I accidentally activated a macro on my computer which erased it all. So instead of writing it all over again in, I'll give you gist:

The original post is a long list of complaints. Which I'll repeat in a semi-list form

1. My apartment still has water problems and they appear to be getting worse.
2. The landlord was really rude to me on the phone.

I've decided to move. Soon.

I'm might be signing a lease on Wed. for a new place. Same neighborhood, just about 6 or 7 blocks from where I am now.

Trying to decide when to tell current landlord that I'm bouncing. I don't want to say anything until I've signed a lease on a new place, but I also owe them this month's rent. I haven't paid rent this month, due on the 15th. I bought myself a time extension with a lie about a payroll mistake, but they left a message today asking about it. I wanted to use my security deposit to cover the last month's rent, since I have reason to believe that I'll have trouble getting my security deposit back, even though there's no damage to the apartment. This is obviously not the purpose of a security deposit, but--I just don't trust those people, and this ensures that everyone involved gets the money owed to them.

1. My parents and brother were in town for Thanksgiving week.
2. And staying at my tiny apartment.
3. With the water problems.
4. And my parents did not stop complaining about stuff from the price of food to my crappy apartment.
5. Especially Dad who pretty much went over all the reasons why he hates my city. Including (but not limited to):
a. Dreary
b. Ugly
c. Too many black folk.
d. Expensive
6. Dad also had not failed to mention how much his knees hurt or how much he dislikes cats (including my foster cat/temporary roommate, Alice).
7. Acted all uppity and annoyed when I told them to take their shoes off as not to disturb my downstairs neighbors (who I'm certain can hear dad's heavy footsteps regardless).
8. And Dad for not being grateful that I brought him back a very nice wallet from Argentina, plus a bottle of wine, which he asked for.

I treated Dad and Michael to a Knicks game, and Mom and I to Wintuk, a Cirque Du Soleil performance, which Mom probably enjoyed, but which I thought was pretty terrible. Apparently the Knicks game was similarly bad with the Knicks playing poorly and the "fans" being very vocal about their dissatisfaction. Michael, Dad, and I saw No Country for Old Men, which was awesome and also much scarier and more violent that I thought it would be. I also watched the Lives of Others on DVD with Mom, who fell asleep (she hates reading the screen). It was also very good.

1. For having the nerve to think that black men are the only demographic that have struggles in America.
2. For being generally dismissive of women's issues (I'm not talking about menstrual cycles).
3. For getting angry at me and calling me selfish, because I was browsing the shelves of the public library for too long, therefore we missed the 4:40 showing of No Country for Old Men (That, from the way he acted, must be the only showing of the movie happening. EVER.)
4. And then for ignoring the fact that in two years of knowing him he has consistently been making me late for all kinds of things for selfish reasons (i.e. Boat to Uruguay)
4. For lecturing me on safety in the neighborhood where I've lived for a year and a half.
5. For asking me five times in a row not to lose the jump drive that he left in my apartment, and getting angry at me for suggesting that I leave it in the bag that he also left in my apartment.

And that's it. I'm done complaining. Parents are gone. This is weird, but whenever I spend time around people non-stop for days, no matter how annoying they may be, I always feel lonely immediately after they leave. Now my house feels empty. Just me and the cat.

I'm awaiting the arrival of my new flat iron, the Maxiglide, which is advertised on late night TV infomercials. I ordered it over two weeks ago, and I'm so impatient for it to arrive. I imagine it being this miraculous flat iron that will ensure that I never have a bad hair day again. But then I was reminded of that Calvin and Hobbes strip where Calvin wants this Beanie, and he's eating all this cereal making himself sick, so he can get enough UPC codes to order it. When Calvin finally gets enough he sends off for it and waits for weeks--all the while imagining that the spinner at the top of the hat will enable him to fly. He finally gets it in the mail and there's a problem with assembly which almost destroys the hat. His father fixes it, and when it's ready to wear, it's a complete and utter disappointment. There's no flying, just a hat with a spinner on top of it. This will probably be how I feel about the flat iron. The only difference is that the beanie was free.

In general, I'm in a shallow stage. This week's expenditures on hair products alone is kind of shameful, especially since the total doesn't even my new flat iron. And I'm suddenly deciding that I need to buy certain items of clothing: boots, a new coat, black dresses, heels, more winter tops, more underwear. And even though I'm moving soon and should be conscious of every dime I spend, I tempted to be so wasteful these days.

Otherwise, I haven't done much with my days except for work and volunteer. This is what I expect much of the winter to be like, but I should jump start my social life. It's looking kind of depressing these days.
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