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Home-wise it's been a productive week. I painted the living room (again). I did laundry. I stained a couple unfinished pieces in my apartment. It's nice to see progress being made. But there's still so much to do.
The boy and I just booked a flight to Costa Rica in June. It seems like everyone I know (and that's a short list) is going someplace cool soon: China, Australia, Papa New Guinea, Colombia, Ecuador. Michael's traveling all around Eastern Europe these next few months before he leaves the army. Even my parents and my grandmother are planning to go to Germany in May to visit Michael. They want me to go with them, but I've been refusing.

The official reason that I tell my parents of why I can't go is the expense, and the fact that I have been to Germany already. It isn't the best excuse. Especially since my mom has offered to subsidize part of the flight and they will be taking a mini trip or two to other countries as well. The real reason is that I don't want to travel with my folks. Dad, who probably won't be going, is the most miserable traveler ever. He can suck the joy out of any trip. My grandmother is so leisurely, the slow pace we'd have to move at would drive me insane. Even at the discounted price, I don't know that a trip to Europe with my family is worth the cost.

So after refusing Germany because of expense issues, I couldn't exactly tell them that I'd just booked a flight to Costa Rica. Not yet, anyway. Costa Rica wasn't even on short list of places to go...or the long list. I just never really thought about it much. But when I saw that we could get cheap flights there I got really excited. One of the hotels we're probably staying in (we're splitting the trip between San Jose and Playa Herradura) looks really beautiful. Apparently Costa Rica is a great place to go if you're into eco-tourism. I'm into urban habitats, but I'm still really excited about all the things to do there that I never get to do elsewhere. Horse riding, hiking, zip lining, scuba diving, animal spotting. It's all seems so new and exciting. I just have two concerns. Spending all that time in the rainforest and coming back with some weird health affliction like a flesh eating virus or a strange tropical parasite (I know it's random, but it truly is one of my great fears). And what will I do with my hair? All that humidity and rain won't be good for it.

I'm seeing where travel with Kareem might be a problem. He seems to question the safety of everything I suggest. He asked if the croc tours were in a big boat because he's seen croc's snatch people out of small boats. He flat out refused canopy tours. He was skeptical of visiting the area around the active volcano. Even horseback riding invoked doubt. And he can't swim so water related adventures are out of the question. I'm hoping that he'll lighten up and relax. I told him that he was much more likely to die driving around than doing anything I suggested. He was unconvinced. The weird thing is that he kept suggesting Costa Rica as a place to visit. I'm starting to wonder why.
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