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Day two of copy and paste

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was thinking of adding livejournal to my rss feed. I know how to do it with individual journals, but what about my combined friends list? Does anyone know how to get my entire friends page into Google reader? Would it access private entries as well?
I've cut off my friend/neighbor Jane from asking any more favors of me. She's just a needy person. She's emotionally needy, attention needy, and just regularly needy. She's the type of person who can make the most minor incidents in her life into major drama. Anyway, she's been asking for an excessive amount of favors recently. I foresaw Jane being an annoyance when I decided to share the same apartment building with her. But I thought she just would want to hang out all the time. We don't hang out that much. But since we live together, and I also work next to her place of employment (although she works from home so she doesn't need to go into the office except for weekly meetings and dropping paperwork off), she's managed to turn me into her errand boy. It's little stuff, like, 'can you pick this up/ drop this off', but two and three times a week, which is far too much.

Ever since I said, "no more favors", I haven't really heard from her much in the past couple weeks. Which is probably a sad statement on the true value of my friendship to her, but a nice break from her neediness, nonetheless.

Anyway, she called Thursday of last week, for the first time since I cut her off, and the first sentence out of her mouth after hello is "Can you do me a favor?" She needed to leave her cell phone at the Verizon store near my job for something. She was told that that something would take 45 minutes. She said that the technicians wouldn't let her wait in the store and she wanted me to pick it up for her tomorrow, because otherwise she wouldn't be able to pick up her cell phone herself until Wednesday.

This doens't make sense to me. First, she called me from her cell phone, which must mean it works, so whatever she's dropping it off for isn't that urgent. Why couldn't this wait until she does have time to pick it up herself? And she has a home phone. Is being without a cell phone a true crisis? And--why couldn't she just wait the 45 minutes? Even if she couldn't wait within the Verizon store (which sounds like bullshit), she was in the middle of SoHo with multiple shops, boutique, and restaurants within a one block radius. Surely she could have found a way to kill 45 measly mintues. And I know she wasn't pressed for time. Because every Thursday night is her standing date with Sarah, in which they go to her apartment, eat dinner, and watch Grey's Anatomy together. She could have postponed the meeting time and still made it home to catch the end of Ugly Betty. Additionally, Wednesday is awfully far in the future when you consider that it should be a quick stop by a store. It's Thursday today, she can't seriously be telling me that she's so busy that she can't possibly drop by Verizon until the middle of next week. The store is probably open ten hours a day every day of the week-- surely she could find the time. Furthermore, if it were so inconvenient to leave it at that particular Verizon why couldn't she leave it at any one of the hundreds that are strewn about the city that would work better for her? But instead of doing any of this, she does what comes naturally: asking me to pick up the slack. It's just silly. She overuses favors. Instead of doing what most adults do, which is only asking favors sparingly and only asking favors when it's extremely hard or impossible for you do to something on your own, she asks favors all the time, not simply for things she can't do, but for things she simply doesn't want to do herself.

The Verizon she's referring to is on my way to the subway station. I pass by it every day. It would have been easy, although still inconvenient (because it would require me to go out of my way), for me to go in the store and pick it up. But that's not the point. Jane was taking advantage of the situation, expecting to inconvenience me, so she didn't have to inconvenience herself. Like her time was more valuable than my own. She was treating me like I was her personal assistant, like I owed it to her to do all these things for her.

So I tell her no, that I'm not going to do anything else for her, like I said a couple weeks ago. She persists, and I tell her no again, that she's going to have to work this out on her own. And the bitch actually hangs up on me. And it's like, what the fuck? Instead of being appreciative of all the things I've done for her in the past, she's gets pissy when i say no to a request she could have easily handled herself. After hanging up on me, I wrote her a short email basically saying that I don't appreciate being hung up on and that she needs to do things herself, because I won't be doing it anymore. Her response wasn't exactly an apology or an acknowledgment of anything I said. She doesn't understand what an imposition she's become. Self centered people never do. They somehow convince themselves that their problems are so big that it's other people's duty to shoulder some of the burden.

Anyway, I learned my lesson. The moment the words "favor" leave her mouth, the answer will be no, and I'll tell her than I'm hanging up unless she has something else to discuss.
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