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I write my LJ in my Gmail inbox. Usually I start to write about one topic and it just spreads to writing additional topics that are on my mind. Usually the entries are composed over the course of days or weeks so they become these behemoth entries and I end up doing one of three things with, paring it down alot and posting it, deleting it, or posting the entire thing. I started writing the current draft a month or more ago. This time I've decided to split it up it all over the course of a few days.

Anyway, day 1:

I'm now part of a book-club-type-thing with a few friends. It's more like a book and arts club, where chosen events aren't so specific. The first task is watching a few select movies that were nominated for Oscars (I think it's 6 in total, most of which I'd already seen before they were suggested) and the second is reading a Coehlo book. It's a nice opportunity to do and explore things I don't have the motivation to do on my own. I'm especially having trouble finishing books these days so I appreciate the extra push.

I just realized that the Oscars are less than two weeks away and I still have many more movies to view. I'm trying to see a majority of the nominees, even in the less competitive categories. I have seen most of the major players by now, except for the two Clint Eastwood pics, which I will definitely see by Oscar time. I'm annoyed with the Lead Actor nominations because all but one of the movies (the terrible Blood Diamond) weren't nominated in any other categories.

Currently, I have a three nominees at the top of my netflix queue. Four that I downloaded off the internet and need to get around to watching. And there are three that I plan to see in theatres. And even then i still would still only have seen about 2-3 each in the foreign language, the best actor, and the best documentary categories.

I'm going to Colorado Springs Saturday for a work related conference (more on that later) so I've started to prepare video content for my ipod. I figure that between travel, and nights in my hotel room, I'm gonna have lots of free time for movie watching, but not necessarily access to the movies, unless I bring them with me. I started downloading episodes of season three of Battlestar Galactica, and I need to convert episodes of the Office to an ipod friendly format, but perhaps I should put Venus and the Pursuit of Happyness on the list? See what foreign language films or documentaries have made it to the net? Will Colorado Springs be so dull that I'll actually be compelled to watch Apocalypto if I bring it along? I was also thinking that for the first time ever I should see the short films. I think unless you hit up a film festival, the only way you see the short films is by downloading them illegally (although not many have made it online), or through itunes. Kareem gave me a gift card to itunes a while back and I need something to waste it on(I don't like DRM protection on my music). I also prefer watching short things, shows and the like, on my ipod as opposed to full length movies. Oh so much sedentary viewing, so little time.
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