As good as It gets (crazyhecallsme) wrote,
As good as It gets

Most wonderful time of the year

Thanksgiving was more or less nice. It was me, Char, Kenneth, and Kenneth's friend, Will. Will was a jerk, Kareem was acting like a jerk over the phone, and I have an asshole for a downstairs neighbor. All of which put me in a sour mood by the end of the night, but the better part of the day was enjoyable
For some reason this holiday season I the spirit. I was even thinking of getting a tiny tree for my apartment. We are in 3-paycheck month: the 1st, the 15th, and the 29th. Unfortunately the third pay check really needs to be spent on christmas gifts and paying down my debt. And other joy is that I'll be off from work between the 15th of December and the 3rd of January. And I've managed to limit my home visit to a mere week so I don't have to spend my entire vacation bored, miserable, and wrapped in five layers of clothing, cause the folks don't turn on the heat. And winter movie season makes me happy. I'm really excited about this crop of movies and I've no idea why. I'm attracted to movies that I would usually only have mild to no interest in.
I'm working on behavior modifications and living a better lifestyle. I'd always assumed I was a fairly healthy eater. But I've realized that there is definitely room for improvement. I'm cutting back on the amount of sugar and eating more fibers, fruits, and vegetables.

And then there's eco-friendly Alisha. Thats the one that cares about how many tons of carbon dioxide I release into the atmosphere on a yearly basis. Because I don't drive, I'm doing better than the average American, but I feel like I could reduce the amount of carbon I release by making a greater effort to recycle, buy the foods that don't use a lot of carbon between production and transport, and by creating less garbage.

Finally, I am going to start dressing like an adult. Inspired by Frenchwomen For All Seasons, I'm giving up super casual clothes and outfits. I'm going to build a wardrobe consisting of timeless, high-quality basics, mainly in neutrals and solids, although some colors and patterns will later be incorporated. I will buy and wear dresses and skirts. I will limit my wearing of sneakers and jeans. I will bring in color and interest to outfits through the skillful use of interesting accessories and costume jewelry, of which I will collect alot.
I need a new job. I had my annual job review. And as a testament to how little my boss knows about how I actually spend my days, she gave me a glowing review. Her only kind-of criticism was that she knew this wasn't what I wanted to do and she was worried that I'd soon get bored with my job and stop working (too late!) and that I should probably move on to something else before that happens. And she's right.

There's added pressure to move on, because the only other cataloger is interviewing for jobs. Neither of us wants to be the second person to tell Kerry that she's resigning. Not that Kerry is mean, but she's got alot of anger built up, and between the trials of buying a new apartment, renovating that apartment, corporate bureacracy, and menopause she's not the type of person you wanna give bad news to.
I just don't always like or respect the people I know, and they don't make it difficult to feel that way. I'm not the best friend (especially when it comes to keeping in touch), but I usually stick to a few simple policies: Be reliable, don't burden other people with your baggage, don't give your opinion unless it's solicited, ask few favors, pay your part of the bill, meet people halfway, don't overdo apologies or excuses, be respectful of your friends' things, remember that the world does not revolve around your wants and needs, and don't participate in arguments just to prove you're right. I find that if people would stick to these rules, they're generally an okay person to be around. Not annoying, anyway and generally.
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